Book Review: The Great & The Small


Iris Chacon’s Review of THE GREAT & THE SMALL by A. T. Balsara —  ***** Rated 5 stars


This reviewer received a free copy of the ebook without obligation to provide a favorable or unfavorable review.


Not since Kate DiCamillo’s The Tale of Despereaux has a rodent hero been so likable and sympathetic. Author A. T. Balsara has created a convincing underworld with medieval overtones as the backdrop for this fascinating story of politics and prejudice among rats below ground and humans above. Surprises and gratifying resolutions make this adventure a satisfying read. In addition to plenty of enjoyment, there is also a valuable lesson at the core of The Great & The Small.


A. T. Balsara, author & illustrator


No offensive material. Recommended for young adult and adult readers, especially those who love a good fairy tale or medieval fantasy.  #TheGreatAndTheSmall #NetGalley


If you haven’t heard Joshua Bennington narrate an audiobook, you’re missing a real treat.  Finding Miranda, the Audiobook, hit the shelves at the end of 2017, and readers are falling in love with Joshua’s amazing voice and acting ability. It’s like a movie for your ears, and you’ll want to hear it again and again.  A short sample from Finding Miranda, the Audiobook appears below. Give a listen. These two minutes will warm your heart on a cold winter day.


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