New Year, Not New Me ~ New Year’s Resolutions I hope I can manage to keep #NewYearsResolutions #2018

I like D.E. Haggerty ‘s approach to New Year ‘s resolutions. Bet you will, too.📕

D.E. Haggerty

I was all set to write a wrap-up of 2017, but as a drafted the blog in my head while walking my dog, I realized the entire blog I was preparing was basically a big whiny whine. There was so much whining I had to use the word twice. So, I’m calling 2017 a scratch and moving on.

I’d like to say I’m going to kick 2018 in the a$$, but I already know that the first few months of the year are full of commitments I’m not excited about but feel obligated to perform anyway. (I’m being vague in a huge effort to not whine about those commitments. Is it working?) This year’s new year resolutions are, therefore, less vaulty goals like losing that 15 kilos I really NEED to lose and more about handling the busy, chaotic life I currently find myself embroiled in.

So, without further whining

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2 thoughts on “New Year, Not New Me ~ New Year’s Resolutions I hope I can manage to keep #NewYearsResolutions #2018

  1. Iris,
    We all have commitments that “steal” our writing time; that’s life. But, about a year ago, I made one decision that has helped me to “steal back” some of that time.
    I had fallen prey to the “Please read and review my book” syndrome. I received countless emails from authors I didn’t know, requesting I do that and, because I didn’t want to turn anyone down, I agreed. Not anymore! I love to read BUT I want to read books that appeal to me. So, I now have a policy – I tactfully refuse those requests.

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