Review of THE WOLVES OF WINTER by Tyrell Johnson. Rated 5 stars by Iris Chacon.


A FASCINATING, UNPREDICTABLE ADVENTURE not only for Sci-Fi fans, but for everyone.

This reviewer received a free advance copy of the ebook.


A small family, one friend, and one unwelcome acquaintance must make a primitive life for themselves deep in the frigid Yukon wilderness with no contact with the outside world. In fact, for all they know, they may be the only people left alive on the continent, or on the planet.

The author keeps readers glued to the pages as he allows a teenage girl, Gwendolynn (she prefers Lynn, not Gwen) to tell the story in her own words. In the process of telling about harrowing events and dangerous living conditions in her present, Lynn gradually reveals what happened in her past and why these few humans are stranded, alone and with no outside resources. Not surprisingly, when a day finally comes that a new human presence becomes known to Lynn and family, the new humans cause terrible conflict, violence, and death.

16056150Author Tyrell Johnson


The post-apocalyptic story is too original to be predictable, and too well written to be boring, for even a moment. Sci-fi fans will eat it up, and even readers who do not usually geek out on science fiction will find this is just an all-around entertaining story for anyone. Walt Whitman lovers will get an additional bonus as the author weaves a character’s devotion to Leaves of Grass into the story line.

Contains little or no offensive material. Enjoyable for youth, young adults, and adults.



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