Army of Authors Blog Tour – Anna Belle Rose

Two new (and trustworthy) recommendations from Lynne Fellows. Treat yourself to some good reading during your holidays.😀

Just 4 My Books

More recent releases here, in the form of two Contemporary Romance novels :

That One Small Omission

by Anna Belle Rose.

Maggie Erickson-O’Brien always played it safe, always. That is, right up to the moment when she met the man of her dreams while on a work trip. A one-night stand led to dreams of forever, right up to the moment when she realized they could never have a future together. Months later, fate thrusts them together again, and he has to decide if her one small omission will doom their relationship. Can forever still happen?


Early reviewers call it “A Winner”, “a sweet romance about priorities” and say “it has it all”.

Here, Anna Belle, shares with us her journey to becoming an author.

The Long Road to Publication – by Anna Belle Rose

Years and years ago, actually decades ago, I was a stay-at-home mom for a…

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