Free Preview: LOU’S TATTOOS

Iris Chacon fans are already lapping up the free preview chapters of LOU’S TATTOOS, A Comedy of Errors, available now on WATTPAD.  The much-anticipated new Chacon novel officially launches December 1, but you can get a head start on the merriment.



Part Three of LOU’S TATTOOS premiered October 2 bd24f1ccb3c68a5fbc229f4cc9df6404on Wattpad. At the end of Part Two, posted a week earlier, tattoo artist Lourdes O’Malley’s dreams of becoming a fine art photographer were officially in the crapper.

In Part Three, chapter 12, it was time for Lou’s ditzy roommate to come up with an unorthodox plan to revive Lou’s hopes for the future.

In Chapter 13, Lou’s apartment kitchen becomes a frenzied “Ready Room” in which Lou and Debbie complete last-minute plans for Lou’s immediate, desperate plane trip to Utah, for all-important fine art photos of the desert around beautiful Moab. Their plan is to fly coast-to-coast, spend three days making award-worthy photographs, and fly home again — without spending a dime!


Chapter 14 finds the indomitable, tyrannical Meriweather forcing a highly reluctant Galen Randall onto an actual (gasp!) airplane! In the process, Meriweather fortuitously introduces Lourdes O’Malley to Randall’s housemate, Helga.


You deserve a laugh today, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. CLICK on over to WATTPAD for your free preview chapters of LOU’S TATTOOS, A Comedy of Errors.

And, when you fall in love with the preview, PRE-ORDER the ebook for delivery on December 1, from SMASHWORDS, iBOOKS, KOBO, and BARNES & NOBLE or your favorite online bookseller.


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