BOOK REVIEW: THE SKELETON IN THE CLOSET, The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, Book 2, by Angie Fox.

*****Rated 5 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon. (An electronic copy was provided in exchange for an honest, objective review.)



Whether or not you have read the first book in The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries series, The Skeleton in the Closet will be the most entertaining ghost story you’ve read in a long time. Verity Long and her pet skunk, Lucy, are still living in the tiny, haunted town of Sugarland, where they share their domicile with Frankie, the ghost of a Roaring Twenties mafioso.


In this story, Verity is trying to assure the success of Sugarland’s annual Cannonball in the Wall Festival, honoring the single (abortive) Civil War skirmish touching the town. Verity and Frankie, with the increasingly romantic assistance of handsome Deputy Ellis Wydell, must confront enemies both human and ghostly to unravel a mystery that could set the Cannonball in the Wall Festival on its ear – with fatal results.


Angie Fox returns to the quirky characters and Southern charm that made book one (Southern Spirits) a delightful romp. Again Verity narrates in first person, allowing her bravery and humor to appeal strongly to readers. I recommend The Skeleton in the Closet to readers of any age who are looking for that rare Halloween-season story containing NO satanic, demonic, profane, or sexually offensive material.


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