Review: MAGIC O’CLOCK, by L.S. Fellows

Magic O’Clock, by L.S. Fellows, has been rated five stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon. A complimentary ARC was provided to Iris for an honest, unbiased review.


Imagine that someone you loved very much simply disappeared. Imagine that you know they become visible again for an hour each day at three o’clock, and you go to that place every day at three just to see your loved one. You can’t talk to them or touch them or even reveal yourself to them, because if you do, they’ll disappear again immediately.


That’s the scenario presented in all its joy and pathos in L.S. Fellows’ short story/novella, Magic O’Clock. The story is so empathetic, enthralling, and eloquent that even readers who thought the subject of dementia held no interest for them will be delighted.


One is tempted at several points to simply stop in the middle of the narrative to revel in the beauty of a particular line or phrase. An example might be this passage from the first paragraph of the story:


“It’s not that I’m hiding, but Dad no longer recognizes me and it pains me to see his blank expression whenever I visit. I’ll make myself known later. After the miracle.”


In these phrases, the narrator (a fictional character, not the author) describes the changed man who enters the magic place each day at three:


“He no longer slouches. Instead, he stands upright, shoulders back, chin jutting upward, arms glued to his sides, and thumbs pointed to the floor.”


What an insightful, clear, and wonderful mental image that shows us much more than merely the outward appearance of the man. The melancholy yet celebratory prose continues a page further on:


“The lost soul that inhabits his body and mind for most of the day is vanquished for now and the man in his place is my father of old.”


Later in the magic hour, the narrator shares, 51fm8zxywhl-_ux250_“He is a true word-smith, a man for whom eloquence and diction make pillow talk while he sleeps.” I might say exactly the same of author L.S. Fellows.


Add Magic O’Clock to your reading list immediately. It is so brief and beautiful that you will find yourself re-reading it from time to time (no pun intended) simply to relive the nuances of love so poetically presented in this story.

Magic O’Clock, by L.S. Fellows, is available at AMAZON.COM.




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