George M. Nagle, Featured Author

Author George M. Nagle, a member of Mystery Authors International, is my featured writer for the month of September. I’ll be posting my review of his novel, The Life We Lead: Ascending, a little later in the month. It has been an honor and a plb1xfmaimhks-_ux250_easure to get to know George Nagle, and I know mystery lovers will soon be scarfing up The Life We Lead: Ascending and clamoring for the succeeding books in the series.

            The Life We Lead: Ascending is a spy novel with adventure and suspense, but without fantasy gadgets. The hero is James, the un-Bond, a secret agent anchored in reality. At the time of this writing, the novel was rated five out of five stars on Amazon and four point three out of five stars on Goodreads.


[The Life We Lead: Ascending is available for pre-order now at AMAZON. The book will be available September 26, 2017, in ebook, hardback, paperback, and audiobook versions.]

            This novel, the first of a trilogy, follows James as he battles crime syndicates while attempting to live a more-or-less normal life. The book’s cover describes the story this way:



“The DEA, FBI, and CIA have failed for years to bring down the Spara family, who control the world’s largest drug cartel. A secret society of spies, whose members are under the age of 25, will try to succeed where the government has failed. At only 21 years old, James is the most skillful member of this society.


“Through the family’s relationship with Russia, the Sparas are the largest distributor of heroin in the world. While beginning his investigation in Russia, James inadvertently saves the life of a former KBG officer who has a connection to the Tan family. This connection leads James further into the heart of the criminal cartel.


“However, the Tans have a dark secret of their own, which could jeopardize James’s perfect record and his tenure as a spy. He faces a struggle to do what is right while protecting his family, friends and the love of his life.”

[Watch a 15-second trailer of the novel on YOUTUBE.]


At 425 pages, The Life We Lead: Ascending is the first and shortest in a three-book series. The book introduces readers to James and other members of his secret society of spies. Readers also meet Carissa and a cast of many others. The story is inspired by real life events; however, names, places, timelines and sensitive details have all been altered.


The trilogy is based in the reality of espionage, so the far-fetched gadgets and such as those employed by Ian Fleming’s fictional spy, James Bond, will not appear. Instead, expect a spy novel with lots of twists and turns to make you laugh, cry, share the characters’ outrage, and even feel their love.


This story has been twenty-five years in the making. The subtitle to the first book (Ascending) is a clue to savvy readers as to why it ends where it does. You’ll want to move on to book two, and then book three, which Nagle says provides “an incredible ending to the series.”

[Watch a one-minute book trailer on YOUTUBE.]


Excerpt from The Life We Lead: Ascending, Chapter 03


James and Daen capture Nikolias

after Petior has been abducted.]


“You are our prisoner, but you are a captive of whatever group you…,” Daen began, but Nikolias cut him off.

“What makes you think I want to leave?” growled Nikolias.

“When you help us, your bosses will not be too happy with you. You and your cousin will need to leave to survive,” replied Daen.

“So he says,” Nikolias said curtly, with a head gesture towards James.

“What did he say? Why did he just do that?” asked James.

“Sounds like he doesn’t feel the need for our help. It seems he doesn’t want to, or have a reason to, leave,” Daen replied, a puzzled look on his face.

“I am no traitor, and I will die to help our fraternity and country. I am loyal and believe in things, unlike you American dogs,” Nikolias stated in English.

James bowed his head, closed his eyes, and rubbed his left temple for a moment with his left hand. He dragged it down his face before speaking again.

“Okay, tell us what the fraternity’s cause is. What’s so special about it that you’re willing to risk your life, your cousin’s life, because someone felt I disrespected them near a train?” asked James.

Nikolias laughed. “We know you’re looking for drugs. You feel drugs are not disrespectful and destroying. You think we do not know that is why you are here? We see you peoples, and how you treat us. You all deserve death for your exploits on us, and our children.”


About the Author


            George M. Nagle, the third of six children, grew up in western Pennsylvania. He earned his BS in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh, his MSc in Biology and his MBA in Marketing and Management from Duquesne University. He is also a Master fifth degree black belt in the art of Taekwondo with Young Brothers in Pittsburgh. George is currently a global marketing and strategy professional in science industries. He has one son, Matthew.


Contact the Author


George loves to hear from his readers. We encourage you to contact him at and on FACEBOOK, on TWITTER, via his AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE, his GOODREADS AUTHOR PAGE, or his SMASHWORDS AUTHOR PAGE.


Quick Summary


Author: George M. Nagle

Book Title: The Life We Lead: Ascending

Genre: Spy/Mystery/Thriller

Rating: PG-13 (limited foul language, action sequences)

Click HERE to buy your copy in ebook, hardback, paperback, or audiobook form.





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