Review: The Forever Man

BOOK REVIEW: The Forever Man, Book 1 – PULSE series, by Craig Zerf

Rated ★★★★ four stars out of five by reviewer Iris Chacon.

A complimentary copy was provided to this reviewer for an honest, unbiased review.

You’ll want to keep your imagination handy when navigating this unusual genre-crossing novel. Think Lord of the Rings meets The Day After. In the beginning, this seems like51gypumneal-_sx311_bo1204203200_ an entertaining survival-after-the-EMP story, with a U.S. Marine master sergeant from the American embassy in London taking the heroic leadership role.

The story moves along at a pleasant pace, and MSgt. Hogan surmounts obstacles and manages to survive in interesting and varied ways. Then, in a surprising turn, the plot veers into the world of Life-Light, the Fair-Folk, battle Orcs, and alien elvish conquerors.


Author Craig Zerf has melded these two disparate worlds5346198 together into one science fiction/fantasy story, and this is just the first book in the PULSE series. In fact, only at the end of Book One do we discover for certain who the Forever Man is. At that point, the stage is set and the curtain about to rise on Book Two. (Goodreads lists six books in the series as of this writing.)


There are some bloody deaths, battle scenes, and apocalyptic violence, but profanity and explicit sexuality are absent. It’s a fun read for any age reader.


I withheld one star when the American Marine seemed to use British rather than American military terms, slang and colloquialisms. The author has respectable military experience in the South African Defence Force, and his knowledge of weapons and tactics is put to good use in this novel.

The Forever Man is available on AMAZON.  Learn more about Craig Zerf on his GOODREADS author page.


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Iris Chacon

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