LOU’S TATTOOS –The Wait Is Over

LousTattoosFinal-FJM_Low_Res_500x750Months have elapsed since the first Sneak Peek of the novel LOU’S TATTOOS appeared on Wattpad to the excitement of many loyal readers of Iris Chacon stories.  Today the wait is over.

Today marks the beginning of weekly additions to Wattpad of successive chapters, for fans to read for free. A new chapter of LOU’S TATTOOS will be posted every Wednesday.

The story, billed as “A Comedy of Errors,” tells of a young female tattoo artist, Lourdes (“Lou”) O’Malley, pursuing her dream of becoming a famous photographer and someday meeting her idol: photographer and magazine mogul Galen Randall.

As it happens, she unknowingly meets Randall. Then, her inept, bumbling-but-loyal biker-gang tattoo clients mistake Randall for a Las Vegas hitman, supposedly targeting Lou.

Without her knowledge or consent, the tattooed bikers attempt to thwart the determined, love-struck Randall, who is chasing Lou from coast to coast and back again. Meanwhile, is anybody actually protecting Lou from the all-too-real hitman?

Wattpad is an easy way to give Wattpad logothe author your opinion or suggestions about the week’s chapter. You can ask questions and receive personalized answers.

If you don’t already have a Wattpad account, it’s absolutely free and you never get spammed for any reason. Wattpad is a worldwide gathering place of readers and writers, to share stories and express reactions. Go to the LOU’S TATTOOS page now, to start reading this new book at its very beginning.



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