“Magic O’Clock: A Fictional Tale of Dementia and Hope” by L.S. Fellows #Review

I’m happy to share this wonderful review of Lynne Fellows’ novel, Magic O’Clock. Congratulations, Lynne!

Nesie's Place

Magic Oclock cover

5/5 Stars!

Love Still Wins!

This short, fictional read packs an emotional punch that will stay with the reader long after the story is finished. It will also resonate with those who have ‘lost’ loved ones and friends to Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Archie Royle is ‘lost’ to his family, stolen from his children by Dementia shortly after losing his wife… the love of his life.

The retirement-home resident has a daily routine, though. One of his daughters returns daily to witness his routine and see the father she remembers from… before—and perhaps with a little hope, he will remember her.

The author does a wonderful job of showing the daughter’s despair and anger, but it’s a daughter’s love for her father that shines through this bittersweet tale.

Magic O’clock tugged at my heartstrings.

While my late father didn’t have Dementia, he did have ‘memory lapses’ when he’d leave his eighty-eight-year-old…

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