Huge Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

Month of July only!

SW SW sale

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and time for the  ninth annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale — a massive collaborative marketing event by Smashwords authors and publishers.

For one month only, readers can discover tens of thousands of special deals 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and 100%-off (FREE!).


woman-reading-book-on-beachWhether you want a great beach read or something to keep you ctumblr_ndt9zkf9hs1siymjro1_500ozy on a cold winter’s night in front of the fireplace, you’ll find it HERE.




Click on SMASHWORDS, and search for books by discount level, category, price and multiple other factors.  Fill up those shopping carts and show your favorite authors some love!


Look for these great bargains on novels and shorts from Iris Chacon, for the month of July only.

50% off!  515jb6r3o3l  DUBY’S DOCTOR



51jbcl00gll-_sx322_bo1204203200_SYLVIE’S COWBOY




100% off!


Click HERE to get the comic monologue WELCOME TO SAINT FEEEPS for Free during the month of July.

 Snow, White&Yhr Seven Daves

Click HERE to get the one-act play SNOW, WHITE & THE SEVEN DAVES for Free during the month of July.


Click HERE to get the award-winning novel FINDING MIRANDA for Free.


Click HERE to get the family-friendly novel SCHIFFLEBEIN’S FOLLY for Free when you join Iris’s In-Crowd Newsletter.


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