Review of Resurrection America (A Thriller) by Jeff Gunhus.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon.


The author furnished this reviewer with an advance download of the book on the promise of an honest review.


Science fiction fans will enjoy this engaging thriller about mysterious doings in the isolated town of Resurrection, Colorado. Sheriff Rick Johnson and Deputy Manny Garcia accidentally discover that a supposedly abandoned mine outside of town has been re-inhabited and now operates under a sinister veil of absolute secrecy. Soon, Deputy Garcia has disappeared, Sheriff Johnson is being coerced into lying to protect the evil “mine” operators, and the entire population of Resurrection may die. Ultimately, the lone ex-soldier/sheriff and an ex-girlfriend/scientist will be all that’s left to stop worldwide annihilation.


Author Jeff Gunhus has crafted a spellbinding,imaginative story that is hard to put down, with surprises and dangers around every corner. The military and scientific details seem well researched and are recounted in ways that convey their complexity while being understandable to the layman.


Lovers of dystopian fiction will find that Resurrection America, set in about 2025 has a “Day After Tomorrow” quality they’ll appreciate. I would recommend the novel to sci-fi and thriller fans of all ages. It contains no explicit sex, some non-gory violence, and only minimal vulgar language. If it were a film, I would rate it PG.

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