Get to know the DAMIEN DICKENS MYSTERIES — Book One


Today I am featuring book one of the Damien Dickens Mysteries: The Green Pearl Caper.

Having devoured all three of the Damien Dickens Mysteries, by mystery writer Phyllis Entis, I do not hesitate to recommend them to you.


Damien & Millie Dickens, Private Investigators, follow in the great tradition of Agatha Christie’s Tommy & Tuppence Beresford and Dashiell Hammett’s Nick & Nora Charles.


The Dickens Detective Agency is headquartered in 1980s Atlantic City, but Damien and Millie’s cases take them from Montreal to Miami. Settings are authentic, plots are twisted, and the action moves forward at a steady pace.


Enjoy this excerpt from the Prologue of The Green Pearl Caper.


I killed Celine. A couple of teenagers found her body last Sunday morning, half-hidden under the Boardwalk, a single bullet hole through her chest. The bullet came from my Smith & Wesson 29, the gun found on the beach not far from where Celine lay.


It wasn’t my finger that pulled the trigger. I wasn’t there when she died. Even so, I killed her. She came to me for help; I had bailed her out of a tight spot in the past, and she trusted me. But, this time, I let her down. I didn’t believe she was really in danger. I screwed up, and Celine paid the price. She was murdered, and it’s my fault.


Celine walked into my office on July 16, 1979. Less than one week later, she was dead.


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