Review of Taming the Texas Cowboy, A Forever Texas Romance, by Charlene Sands

★★★★ from reviewer Iris Chacon.

The reviewer received a complimentary copy of the ebook in exchange for an honest, objective review.


Maddie Brooks lost her veterinary office and living quarters literally overnight when the building burned to the ground. That was bad, but the real disaster, in Maddie’s view, was that the only place in her small Texas town where she could rent a room in the house and a veterinary spacecover106704-medium in the barn belonged to Trey Walker. The same Trey Walker she fell in love with long ago. The same Trey Walker who swore he will never have a long-term relationship with a woman because of his “family curse.”


Maddie swore off having feelings for Trey years ago, but the sight or sound of him still sets her senses reeling. Can they live together in his big house and work together on his ranch land without setting a different kind of fire?


This is a pleasant, easy-to-read story of two people trying to go about the business of life despite circumstances throwing them together in titillating situations time and again. Spoiler alert: after many complications and crises, Maddie packs up and moves away. But to where? And what will Trey do about it?


Animal lovers and Texaphiles will enjoy the story, which lives up to its title word, “romance.” There are several detailed love scenes, however, that some of us will skip past. (The story stands up just as well without the play-by-play description.) Reality, of course, is that many people read these books just for those sexual interludes, and those people will find sufficient sex to keep them happy.


Recommended for lovers of basic, contemporary cowboy romance, but not for tweens and teens. As a movie, it would be rated R.



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