REVIEW: THE MAVERICK COWBOY, Morgan Ranch series, book 2, by Kate Pearce,

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon.

(An electronic copy was provided in exchange for an honest, objective review.)


the-maverick-cowboy-250x375This book is a pleasant, steadily-paced contemporary western romance with many interesting characterizations and complex family relationships. These families have all the flaws and difficulties of real-world humans, including divorce, alcoholism, child abuse, child abandonment, and animal cruelty, all of which are dealt with in a positive and satisfying manner. Despite the troubles experienced by the characters, they remain engaging, likable, and well on their way to happy endings. Emphasis is not on their problems, but on their journey to solutions.


I would read other books about these characters from the same author. I have dropped one star from my rating because most parents would deem the story unsuitable for teenage readers. I think the same story could have been told without some of the questionable material. The author’s style is pleasing and enjoyable.


This book contains adult themes, mild profanity, and extramarital sexual encounters. There are no religious references.


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