I am madly in love with this YA fiction book! “THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR” by NICOLA YOON

Another terrific January Gray review. Thanks, January.



This treasure of a book is pure magic.

It is listed as YA Grades 8 and up, and it certainly fits the bill for grown adults as well.

This book really made an impact on me, and I am still thinking about it, days after reading it.

It really portrays how much happens to us and around us and to others we interact with, in the span of one day.

How one brief interaction with a stranger can change their entire life.

The main characters are teenagers, Natasha and Daniel.

Natasha and her family are getting ready to be deported, and Daniel is struggling with what his parents want him to be and what he wants to do with his life.

Their lives touch for a brief random moment, and that brief random moment changes everything.

Nicola Yoon is an amazing and talented writer.

She writes in a way that…

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