Review: IF NOT FOR YOU, by Debbie Macomber.

A sweet and engrossing contemporary romance with no offensive material.

ifnot4ucvrRated 5 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon.

This writer received an Advance Reading Copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest, objective review.


Debbie Macomber pens another winner with IF NOT FOR YOU. This novel contains all the character depth and smooth prose we expect from the highly adept Macomber, and even exceeds some of her slower works in its action and drama.

Beth and Sam are polar opposites in every way: educationally, professionally, economically, and socially. When they meet (on a blind date neither of them wants), they fall immediately in apathy, and they happily end the evening early. Beth and Sam silently vow never to see one another again. Then, only minutes after leaving the date venue, Sam witnesses a horrific auto accident involving Beth. Instinctively, he races to her aid and virtually saves her life.

In the following days and weeks, as Beth slowly and painfully recovers from her serious injuries, she is surprised that Sam continues to visit her, day after day, sometimes sleeping all night in a chair by her bed. Sam is equally surprised and confused by his inescapable compulsion to be near Beth, protect her, and make her smile.

Too soon, real life interferes with their budding relationship in the form of jobs, parents, friends, and old unresolved family conflicts on both sides. This unconventional couple must learn, grow, accept, forgive, struggle to try and establish a life they both can share. Sometimes they struggle together, sometimes apart. In any case, the reader is in for a swiftly moving stream of emotions, shocks, and surprises before the final resolution of the question: Is theirs a love that will conquer all?


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