Trying Out Speech To Text Software For Writing Stories

Helpful, down-to-earth commentary on voice-to-text software from author Ruth Ann Nordic. Thanks very much, Ruth Ann, for sharing this with us. Other authors, do you use voice-to-text software? What’s your experience?

Ruth Ann Nordin's Author Blog

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The experiment

This past week, I finally took the plunge and downloaded a software called Dragon Dictation onto my iPhone.  (I don’t remember how much the app cost.  Apparently, I had bought it a year ago when I first heard about it, but I was so scared of the idea of speaking a story that I never used it.)  On Tuesday when I was at the dentist with my kids, I searched  for speech-to-text software and found Dragon Dictation.  Since I saw that I had already purchased it, I downloaded it.  I figured, what did I have to lose?  The worse that would happen was it didn’t work.

The idea behind speaking your book (rather than typing it all) is to increase the amount of words you can get in each day you work.  Has it worked for me?  Yes.  I was surprised.  I…

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