Review: SWEET MISS SEETON, A Miss Seeton Mystery by Harrison Crane, series created by Heron Carvic.

missseatoncvrA cozy British mystery with no offensive material.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon.

This writer received an Advance Reading Copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest, objective review.


Twenty-first century readers, accustomed to the light-speed communications of social media, movies, and television, will find this cozy mystery slow in comparison. That does not mean the story is boring, however. It merely means the sedate pace and subtle humor may seem so understated as to be assumed nonexistent by impatient minds. If the reader will adopt a relaxed attitude and settle in for a comfortable, entertaining afternoon, Miss Seeton will rise to the occasion and fill the bill admirably.

I have dropped one star from the rating because the murder to be solved does not occur until 75 per cent of the book has passed. I found the character development, dry humor, and references to previous books in this long series were simply not enough to sustain me through three-quarters of the story. I dropped a second star because the British regional vernacular sometimes led to confusion for this American reader.

The writing was skillful and, I believe, would be clear to persons familiar with the Miss Seeton series of books as well as with colloquial British expressions. Since I had neither of those advantages, the novel was sometimes a tough trudge for me. Some readers will enjoy the style and pace of the story more than I.  Indeed, the Miss Seeton series of mysteries has many loyal and enthusiastic fans.


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