Time To Renew

Quill & Parchment

uc-observer.jpg by Sakhi

Perched on my balcony today and got a call. “Maám, your HDFC card is near to expiry date, and you need a to Renew it” I told him a “Yes, your services have been too good, and I would like to go for the Renewal“, and he was happy to do all the formalities and take care of things for me and then he asked me to fill the KYC form. A KYC form, a Know Your Customer form. They wanted to know me better, my necessities and prerequisites, my limits and my usage. I ended the call with an appointment to see him the following day.

I sat with the form he has left me to fill my eyes fixed on the word Renewal. You know what I was thinking? I was thinking that we have become so empirical and pragmatic in all walks of life…

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