Review: BEARLY IN CONTROL, Shifters Undercover Series, Book 1, by Milly Taiden


bearlynctrlcvrRated 3 out of 5 stars by Iris Chacon. (An electronic pre-publication copy of the book was provided to the reviewer in exchange for an objective, honest review.)


Normally I’m a sucker for a shifter romance (even though I try to avoid ones with foul language and explicit sex), but this one was disappointing. Clearly the author is experienced and prolific, but in this instance she seems to be writing just to meet a publication schedule rather than out of any passion for the story or characters. The story is shallow and the characters one-dimensional. The amnesic bear-man is walking around naked for most of the book, which seems unreasonable and smacks of a cheap technique meant to titillate female readers. I would have preferred a man with clothing who was attractive because of many characteristics, including but beyond his physical attributes.


The plot did present a few surprises, but not always in a good way. The rationale for some characters and their actions was either missing or insufficient. Even with a willing suspension of disbelief, I could not ignore some of the silly occurrences or unsupported actions.


Add to that the “mature audiences” parts of the story, and it becomes something I can recommend to no one, young or old. I don’t think this book is typical of Milly Taiden. If it was, she could not be as successful as she has been. I have the impression that after writing several other series, she merely “phoned in” this one according to formula but with no heartfelt enthusiasm. If the author shows small affection for the work, the reader cannot be expected to love it.


Milly Taiden, write something you truly care about next time. Your readers will thank you.




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