Voting in Light of Eternity | Biblical Answers and Resources | Part 3 of 3

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Each hour of every day, you and I are faced with a myriad of decisions that leave indelible ripple effects across the entirety of our lives. Regardless of your religious convictions, each of us (rather consciously or subconsciously) are governed by someone or something[+]From local politics that affect our neighborhoods and schools, to federal politics that influence the very fabric of our nation; the Christian voter must educate himself by uncovering the complexities of politics through a Christian perspective. We thought through many of these complexities in the first part of the series. If you have not explored that post, you should start there now[+]. Why? Because good decisions always emanate from asking great questions. In Part Two[+], we discussed being the ‘salt n light’ of the earth and why God desires for…

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