The final chapter of DUBY’S DOCTOR has been posted for Fswat_police_officer_sketchREE reading today on WATTPAD.  Readers have followed the appealing — and possibly dangerous — child/man called Jean Deaux from his near-death to his new life as an artist. The new life has been incomplete, however, since Jean seems to have lost the affection of Dr. Mitchell Oberon, the lady who, in many ways, made his new life possible.

Now, in the aftermath of Jean’s abduction by a vengeful killewatercolor-red-bikinir, it’s time for both he and Mitchell to make some life-altering decisions.

Will she ever wear that red bikini again?

Is he allergic to cats?cat-painting

Will he return to living on Dubreau’s boat?


sailboat_painting_lake_water_art_by_texas_artist_laurie_pace_cde695730ccb592c886cb95785a82ddbIs there any chance of a right-brained artist and a left-brained surgeon — with a significant age difference that worries one of them — to actually find for themselves a Happily Ever After?

Read the Iris Chacon novel, DUBY’S DOCTOR, free in its entirety on WATTPAD, or get the novel in paperback or ebook at AMAZON or SMASHWORDS.

Have you already read DUBY’S DOCTOR? Terrific! (Then, don’t tell us the ending, we still need to read the last chapter, posted today!)  Please take a minute to leave a brief, honest review on GOODREADS. Thank you very much.

Iris ChaconDubyPprbkCvr



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