Jean Stalls Armed Kidnapper

In Chapter 26, “Reconnection, Part 2,” added today to the serialized novel, DUBY’S DOCTOR, Jean strives to slow the progress of his kidnapper long enough for Mitchell and Stone to attempt a rescue.  Unfortunately, Mdobee2-mooreditchell and Stone simply can not work together, it seems.

If the rescuers don’t get their act together before Jean and his captor reach international waters, Jean will sleep with the fishes for sure.

Stone’s rescue plan involves lots of men and guns, but Mitchell is hatching a totally different plan of her own that will shock and amaze crooks and cops alike.



DUBY’S DOCTOR is free to read now on WATTPAD.  Only three episodes remaining in the weekly-serialized novel, so don’t miss even one!

Or get the book for yourself in paperback or ebook format from AMAZON.



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