Review of WAER, by Meg Caddy

Shifters Lowell and Lycaea are opposites, he a shepherd and peaceful family man as contented in his wolf form as he is in his human one; she a loner, criminal, torturer and tortured, who refuses to shift to her wolf form even though she pays a terrible price for that refusal. They will endure much, and conquer some, together when the evil Kudienn faces the semi-benevolent Watchers in war for the mystic land on which they live.

WAER cvrMeg Caddy has created a medieval sort of world peopled with fascinating, often lovable, beings whose struggles against overwhelming evil captivate and enthrall the reader. The spirit of the story is ethereal and magically charged, and the language is eldritch and often poetic. I found myself highlighting passages for their beautiful prose.

The tragedies and blessings that Lowell and Lycaea share are recounted in chapters written in first person from his POV and then hers, alternating throughout the book. It is a page-turner destined to be loved by fans of The Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings, and Caddy is sure to become a popular story-teller in the line of the Grimms, Hans Christian Anderson, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R.Tolkien.

Suitable for middle grades to adult ages, with minimal strong language and battle scenes, no explicit sex.

A complimentary download was provided by in exchange for an objective review.


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