Review of MUST LOVE GHOSTS by Ani Gonzalez

Author Ani Gozalez deserves hmust-love-ghostsigh marks for a happy, unhorrible, haunting tale.

Abby lives in Banshee Creek, Virginia, a town where every day is Halloween. In fact, the town’s people are trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records as the “most haunted town.”

Abby’s fiance, Cole, was a pillar of the community and an avid participant in the town’s bizarre activities until his death in Afghanistan two years ago. Now, his best friend, Matt, is back from overseas and has something he must deliver personally to Abby.

Readers will enjoy how thoroughly and gleefully the author has built the town of Banshee Creek, with its quirky legends and even quirkier people. The reader identifies with poor Matt, a serious guy, who never shared Cole’s love for unexplained weirdness, but who secretly shared Cole’s love for Abby.

The people and events in this town will constantly surprise and amaze, and may even cause Matt to admit his feelings for his best friend’s girl.

This is one of a series of novels and novellas about the denizens of Banshee Creek, and all indications are the series will be treasured — and each new book eagerly anticipated — by happy readers. It is a delightful blend of kookiness, sweetness, and romance. (No foul language, erotic explicit sex, or gory horror.)


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