Warm, Captivating, and Fascinating


Review of Sarah’s Orphans, by Vanetta Chapman

Book 3 in the Plain and Simple Miracles series

Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon, 2016



At only 23, Sarah Yoder has been taking care of her four younger brothers, the family house, and their small, struggling farm for years. Ironically, when her abusive bipolar Dat dies and her mentally-ill Mamm runs away, Sarah’s life gets a bit easier. A very little bit. Even with the help of her younger brothers, Sarah will have a hellish load of responsibilities. The farm may, in fact, soon be foreclosed and auctioned off.

Sarahs Orphans cvr

Vanetta Chapman has written a charming, enthralling story set in the Amish community of Cody, Oklahoma. We immediately sympathize with and respect young, hardworking Sarah, and it is hard to put the book down until we know her fate.


Sarah is aided by her faith, her Amish friends, and even the new owner of the dilapidated farm next door — who happens to be an Amish bachelor. There are some predictable elements, but there are also some unexpected twists in the plot. The narrative is filled with Amish cultural references and Biblical expressions. Christian readers will be gratified at how smoothly the elements of faith are integrated into Sarah’s story, as indeed they would be in Sarah’s life.


The writing style is clear, articulate, and sweet. This is the third book in the Plain and Simple Miracles series, and I enjoyed it enough that I am eager to read the first two novels.


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